Common Friendly Freezer Terms

OAMC ~ Once a month cooking ~ the term comes from the book "Once A Month Cooking" by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg

WM ~ Weekend Mania ~ A specific weekend topic such as the Meatloaf Mania or comfort foods.  WM lasts from Friday to Monday morning.

MC ~ Master Cook is recipe management software program by Sierra. It is a database management system that allows you to save your recipes and do searches on them.
For more information visit the Sierra Website at:

Flash Freeze - Simply freezing items in a single layer on a cookie sheet or tray till hard and then bagging together.  This way the food does not stick together so you can use however many you like at a time.   Great for meatballs, waffles, pancakes, onions, hamburger patties, etc.

TVP/TSP- Textured Vegetable Protein-  A soy product- usually found at healthy stores, it is available in granules or chunks and in different flavors. Unflavored TVP has basically no flavor and absorbs the flavor of what it was cooked with.
It is generally reconstituted  as 1c. granules  to 1c. boiling water = 2 c. reconstituted

Email Abreviations....

*AFAIK  As Far As I Know
*BTDT  Been There, Done That
*BTW  By The Way
*FWIW  For What It's Worth
*FYI  For Your Information
*<G>  Grin   also  <BG> big grin & <VBG> very big grin
*HTH  Hope This Helps
*IIRC  If I Recall Correctly
*IMHO  In My Humble (or Honest) Opinion
*ISO  In Search Of
*LMK let me know
*LOL  Laughing Out Loud
*NAYY - Not Associated, Yadda, Yadda
*OTOH  On The Other Hand
*ROTFL  Rolling On The Floor Laughing
*TIA  Thanks In Advance
*TNT  Tried and True
*TTFN  Ta Ta For Now
*TTSP  This Too Shall Pass
*TTYL  Talk To You Later
*YMMV  Your Mileage May Vary (i.e. every family is different and what worked for me may not work for you)


*DD  Dear Daughter
*DS  Dear Son
*DH  Dear Husband
*DW  Dear Wife
*FIL  Father-In-Law
*MIL  Mother-In-Law
*mo  month-old (as in 18mo for an 18-month-old child)
*ONNA  Oh No, Not Again
*SAH  Stay at Home
*SIL  Sister-In-Law
*SO  Significant Other
*yo  year-old (as in 4yo for a 4-year-old child)

FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions (an informational post answering common  questions on a topic).
Flame ~ An angry message directed at another person or people.
Spam ~ Bulk email or Usenet posts that are massively crossposted or multi-posted. Some people call any out-of-place commercial post or email "spam."
Troll ~ An insincere message, posted in hopes of upsetting people, inciting arguments, and stirring up trouble.
Vent ~ A message to let off steam.

more to come.....

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