Freezer Plans

Sometimes it is easier on the budget to cook what is on sale, than to just go shopping for a months worth of groceries. For instance if chicken is on sale, buy a bunch and make the chicken plan. Then in a week or so when the next sale comes up, you can stock up on hamburger or something else and follow another plan.

We have tried to make the plan pages consistent. Each page should have a recipe list of all recipes on that page, near the top of the page.

Each recipe has two buttons at the bottom. The Recipe Card Button will take you back to the Recipe List at the beginning of that page. The Recipe Box Button will take you to the index of all the recipes in this website.

These are the plans so far... I think all of these are back up after the move.

Bread and Breakfast plans

Breakfast Plan
Morning is just not my thing..
Breakfast Bars
A collection of great breakfast or snack bars
Muffin Madness
Muffins for breakfast or any time!

Meat and Poultry Plans

Robbyn's Hamburger Plan
How to use 35 pounds of Hamburger
Joan's hamburger plan
This was Joan's first plan
Cooked Chicken
How I cook and use my bags of chicken quarters that I buy..
Chicken Dinners: A Stock-Up Plan
From Woman's Day magazine
Bits and Pieces
Fried Chicken and other YUMMY chicken meals that start with raw chicken pieces
Boneless chicken breasts
A few things to do with boneless breasts
The Whole chicken
Great rubs and more for whole chickens
The Turkey Plan
Not just for the Holidays
A Simple Ham Plan
Another Ham plan
from Parade Magazine

Vegetable and Vegetarian Plans

Potato Plan ...
Lots of good stuff!
Pinto Beans
Some great recipes here!
The Veggie Plan
A week by week plan for vegetarian OAMC
Another Veggie Plan
This one is currently featured at Frugal-Mom's
Asparagus Plan



Mixed Bag Plans

The "Classics"
These fabulous recipes are asked for over and over again
"Souperior" Soups .
A few soups that freeze well
Suzy's Calzone Collection
Call them Calzones or Hot Pockets, these stuffed sandwiches provide meals on the run
Session Cooking for Singles ( Libby's Plan )
Whether you are packaging for yourself and a hubby, lunches for you, a single person or a parent who needs some TLC..... Freezer cooking is great for one or two!!!
Kim's plans are now available at her web site Frugal-Mom's

Thank you for visiting and come back soon!! If you have any suggestions for pages/plans you would like to see... email me!

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