This is a great time saver and a fantastic way to get started filling your freezer.  Before I started "hard-core" OAMC I "precooked" for years.  Have a lazy afternoon?  Boil up some chicken.  Having ground beef for supper?  Fry up 5 pounds instead of 1.  Fantastic sale on ground beef?  Make up a big batch of meatballs.  Having a few things started in the freezer will save you a TON of time in the kitchen.

Examples of things that can be "pre-cooked":

Ground beef - seasoned with garlic and onion - package in 2 cup portions
Chicken - shredded - package in 2 cup portions
Meatballs - a great recipe for these is in my hamburger plan
Chicken Broth - for quick soups
Sautéed Onions or mushrooms - make a quick onion soup, over steaks or burgers etc.
Diced Ham - for omelets, baked potato nights, pizza toppings etc.
Cooked and crumbled Bacon - same as above...

Things not cooked  but handy to have on hand:

Cheese - shredded - package in 1-2 cup portions
diced onions - package in small sandwich bags then toss in a freezer bag
diced or sliced bell peppers - package in small sandwich bags then toss in a freezer bag
 Think of something I missed??  What do you like to keep ready in your freezer?  E-mail me and let me know!

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