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Well the time seems to have finally come to actually write up a FAQ sheet for the mailing list. I figured that it just might be best to put it up on a web page so folks can access it when needed and it will not be constantly be clogging up the list with repeated information.

From the welcome letter ....
"This list is about preparing food ahead... especially for the freezer but also canning, drying, shopping in bulk and general money saving ideas. This may be a specialty list but you won't need to be afraid to post a general cooking question here because this is a very friendly helpful place. As usual, NO FLAMING or SPAMING or BAD LANGUAGE ON OR OFF LIST IS TOLERATED, and is grounds for immediate removal and banishment. This is a safe place for us all to get together and trade Family Recipes, Favorite Freezer Recipes, Tips and Hints and in general have fun.

I would prefer for the list stay somewhat on topic, which is about preparing food ahead, but I sure enjoy everyone becoming friends and having chat. If you want a list that is recipes only, this will not be the list for you. I enjoy lists that feel like family and families are hard to keep exactly on topic!! :o). Please join right in and maybe share a little about yourself."

What is "On-Topic"?

Freezer cooking is on topic, shopping is on topic, appliances are on topic, saving money and frugal ideas ARE on topic
YOU are on topic, this means if you finally had a chance to take a class, start a new project or even take a hot bath because you had dinner prepared in the freezer, we want to hear about it.. well if you want to share...

Now as far as i am concerned, if something is considered off topic, all that is necessary is a brief note privately from me and it wont happen again...


If you have a problem about someone's post send it to ME ... it is not to be discussed all over the list... all that does is cause hurt feelings and conflict and that is not allowed here... never has been never will...

Just a reminder..

1. snipping messages is really important.. get rid of those headers and footers before you send that message!!

2. subject headings.. please it makes no sense when you see something titled digest 440.. like ok what about it?? or when something has absolutely NOTHING to do with the header anymore.. please, please change it! when you are the one who has to go into the archives to find something you lost believe me you will be glad you did..

Searching the archives ( updated Oct 30, 1999 )

To search the archives at onelist, go to this page:
You will be asked to sign in, unless you have told ONElist to remember who you are.

Enter your email and your password and click on "Sign in" After you do this, or if you have told ONElist to remember who you are, you will get to a page that has listing of all digests, and the digest number on one column and the date on another column. Now you can click on the digest number if you know this, or the date.

For example, I remember that the Weekend Mania for May 15 was Meatloaf. So if I was looking for a meatloaf recipe , I'd go to this page, and click on the digests for May 15.

Now if what you want is to see a particular digest, for example digest 1575 use this URL (substitute the number you want for 1575 )

Similarly, you might remember that something was posted yesterday, but you accidentally deleted it. Then just go get yesterday's digest(s).

How they work can be very confusing. Searching can be difficult.  If you want to search for a recipe then enter the most obscure part of the name in the Search Archives window.  Say you want to find the recipe for Sticky chicken. If you put in "sticky chicken" you will get the listing for every digest for the word "sticky" PLUS the digest for every time the word "chicken" was posted.. and I can guarantee you that is practically every one of them!!!  So the tip is... be very simple and very vague. The less words and the more obscure they are the better. So if you are looking for "screaming cinnamon rolls" searching for "screaming" would be much better idea than "cinnamon rolls".... clear as mud?  So you would enter screaming in the window that says Search the Archives. Then Click on search.

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